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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Essay #8- A Robbery

Age Group: Lower Primary

Mary was alone at home, watching television. Her parents were at a dinner party, and they had told her to sleep early and take care of the house. Mary did not go to bed early. When she was watching her favourite programme, someone knocked on the door. She shouted, “Who is it?” but no one answered. She ran and opend the door.

A surprise awaited her, for standing in front of her were two gruff-looking men! One caught hold of her while the other one tied her up. They used a hankerchief to tie around her mouth so that she could not shout.

Mary struggled but the men threatened to kill her if she tried to escape. Then, they used tools to pry open the drawers. They ransacked Mary’s house and they found a lot of jewellery and valuables.

Just then, Mary’s parents came home. They saw a truck parked outside their house. It surprised them. What surprised them even more was that they found their front door open. They peeped in and saw their house was in a mess. They heard a squealing noise coming from their bedroom. They guessed they must have been robbed, so Mary’s father used his mobile phone to telephone the police.

The police arrived and caught the robbers just in time. The police told Mary’s parents that they were wanted criminals and gave Mary’s parents five thousand dollars as a reward.

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